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Retail Fuel

Retail Fueling

We provide the full spectrum of equipment and systems for efficient and safe retail gas station operations such as fuel dispensing solutions, underground pipes, and fittings, secondary containment, spill containment, overfill prevention and tank gauging.

Hydraulic Hoses
Demolition tools



Belt fastening
Industrial fasteners


We carry a wide inventory of quality-tested hydraulic hoses that can be used for high-pressure fluid power applications. We also offer a variety of fittings and crimping machines to complete your hydraulic hose assembly.

Demolition Tools

We offer heavy-duty demolition tools for various construction work such as concrete breakers, rock drills, chipping hammers and tunneling rods. 

Belt Fasteners

We provide a mechanical fastening system for conveyor belt splicing. Our mechanical belt fasteners are durable, easy to install and can be used in belts that go through frequent wear and tear or need to be expanded, or on belts in dirty, high-moisture and cramped environments such as mining, quarry, and other heavy-duty applications.

Industrial Fasteners

We carry a variety of quality industrial fasteners made of alloy steel and stainless steel, specializing in high tensile bolts and nuts. We can also provide custom fasteners depending on your application and specific requirements.

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